DAM Finance Documentation

Protocol and user documentation

What is DAM Finance?

DAM is a global, decentralized liquidity infrastructure powering value mobility across sovereign blockchain networks. DAM is a multi-network platform facilitating the scalable flow of liquidity to where it's needed most. DAM's first dapp, d2o, is a decentralized stablecoin that helps emerging networks scale native liquidity without the tradeoffs of traditional bridging solutions.

The headline feature of DAM v1.0 is the release of d2o, an omnichain stablecoin designed to be worth approximately $1 per token. Current features offered are:

  1. Minting of d2o on Ethereum with existing stablecoins such as USDC at a 1:1 rate. Collateral types currently supported are: USDC.

  2. Teleportation of d2o from Ethereum to Moonbeam through DAM's dReservoir, a decentralized protocol for scalably moving value between networks.

  3. Real-time security offered by the dGuardian which monitors the underlying cross-chain protocols and prevents potential exploits, which may allow potential attackers to mint unbacked d2o.

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