Teleporting d2o


  1. Ensure you have an ethereum account with some available ETH and d2o.

  2. Have the Metamask wallet installed on a suitable browser.

  3. You have just followed the obtaining d2o guide.


Assuming you are connected to the DAM finance app on Ethereum. Navigate to the "Teleport" page and you'll see the following screen.

Next, enter in the amount of d2o you would like to Teleport. You will note that you can only teleport from the network you are currently connected to. If you would like to Teleport from Moonbeam to Ethereum then you can change networks using the drop down menu at the top right of the app. Otherwise, continue with this guide connected to Ethereum.

Once you are happy, click the "teleport" button. Metamask will pop up a dialogue asking you to confirm the transaction.

Upon clicking confirm, you'll notice a pop up window within the app, telling you that the teleport status is in step one out of three steps. At this poiny, you can track the transaction on Ethereum via Metamask. Once the tranasction on Ethereum is included in a block, then your teleport will continue until successful competion. You can see below that the transactino to begin the teleport of 20 d2o was successful. The d2o was moved to the "null address" i.e. it was burnt. This is the first stage of teleportation. Your d2o will be re-minted on the other network.

After a few moments, the pop will indicade that the process has reached step two out of three.

Waiting a little longer, you can track the transaction through following the link on the popup via the inter-chain messaging provider.

The inter-chain messaging provider will match up the transactions on the source and destination networks and list them on page (like the one shown below) for you to see. You can see below that the source network transaction has been confirmed but the destination network transaction has yet to be confirmed.

From this point onwards, you can switch networks by pressing the yellow button on the popup. This is so you can see when your wallet on the desintation network - in this case, Moonbeam - is credited with d2o.

Upon switching networks, you can click the "1 pending" button at the top right of the app to see the detail of your pending teleport. you might also want to click the "add d2o" button to add d2o to your Moonbeam wallet on Metamask.

Adding d2o to Metamask on Moonbeam is the same process as when you did it for Ethereum. Click the "Add token button" on the Metamask popup.

Teleports can take up to 15 minutes to complete but in most cases it's faster. When the teleport has completed, you'll see a popup in the app.

You now have d2o on Moonbeam. Nice! If you like you can navigate back to the cross-chain message explorer and see the completed cross-chain message.

If you click on the destination transaction hash, you can navigate to moonscan, showing you the destination network transaction.

That's it. The whole process took 5 minutes and was safe and secure.

What can go wrong?

I'm having to wait a while.

Whilst the example above took five minutes, sometimes you might need to wait a bit longer. Typically a teleport shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes but in some circumstances it can do. If your source network transaction has been confirmed (on Ethereum in the above example), then your teleport will successfully complete at some point.

I can't move my d2o immediately after teleporting.

We have implemented a security mechanism such that you cannot transfer d2o until 30 seconds or so after a teleport has completed. This is to provide a window of opportunity for the dGuardian to act to safeguard the protocol incase d2o was illicitly minted by an attacker.

I can't see the source network transaction.

This is likely due to source network congestion or setting a gas price which is too low. Re-submitting the transaction with a higher gas price will likely solve this if you don't want to wait.

I can't see the destination network transaction.

If the burn transaction on the source network has been confirmed but there is no sign of the destination network transaction to re-mint your d2o - don't worry! Sometimes there can be short delays associated with teh inter-chain messaging protocols. If your wait is abnormally long, reach out to us on discord or Twitter and we can help.

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