Obtaining d2o

How to get d2o using the web app


  1. Ensure you have an Ethereum account with some USDC and ETH for gas.

  2. Have the Metamask wallet installed on a suitable browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)


Go to the DAM finance app.

Connect your wallet using the button at the top right of the window:

Agree to the terms and conditions:

The DAM finance app now shows that your wallet (and which address you are using) is connected to the app. Click the "add d2o" button to add d2o to your metamask. You can approve the request in Metamask.

Click the "get d2o" menu item in the menu bar.

You will see the following screen which allows you to specify how much d2o you would like to create via your USDC collateral:

You can type in the amount of d2o you would like to create, alternatively you can click the max button to convert all of your USDC to d2o. For now, the only collateral tpye supported in USDC but in the future you will be able to choose other collateral types via the drop down menu to the right of the input box. You will note that the "mint d2o" button is disabled. Before you can convert any USDC to d2o, you must first approve the USDC contract to move your USDC:

Once you've approved the USDC contract to move your USDC in Matamask then you'll see a transaction confirmation popup:

Once the confirmation transaction is confirmed then the approval button will disappear and you should see that the "Mint d2o" button is enabled:

Make sure the amount in the USDC input box is correct, then click the yellow "Mint d2o" button. Amount of gas will be payable as indicated by the number in the bottom right of the screen which is denominated in Gwei. Your Metamask wallet will now request that you sign a transaction.

Once you've signed the transaction, you'll see a pop-up which invites you to track the transaction in etherscan.

You can inspect the transaction in etherscan.

Depending on the gas price you used, the transaction will soon be confirmed.

You can now click the "Teleport" button to teleport your d2o to another network. Or close the popup. If so, you can see that the app will be updated with your new balances.

That's it! Your d2o balance will also show up on the DAM Finance application dashboard. You should also be able to see your d2o balance in Metamask if you added the d2o token to Metamask in one of the earlier steps.

What can go wrong?

Not enough gas for approval or mint transaction.

Gas is payable in ethereum, so you need to make sure your account is sufficiently funded for the approval and the mint transaction.

Transaction never confirms.

This is because your transaction is not being included in a block, perhaps because the fee amount you specified is too low for current network conditions. Metamask allows you to re-submit the transaction with a greater fee amount. Alternatively you can wait for the transaction to be included in a block.

Network congestion.

There are simply too many people trying to get their transactions in a block, so your transaction waits in the mempool while the backlog is cleared. You can speed things up by specifying a higher fee.

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